Ierland | Analoge tv zenderlijst, zenders die ik heb gelogd
Lokatie zender K. Programma kW Afstand (km) Opmerking
Maghera B RTE1 (53.7578) 100 1000 exit | kmz
Kippure E RTE1 160 827 kmz
Mount Leinster F RTE1 230 865 kmz
Truskmore G RTE2 280 960 kmz
Kippure H RTE2 160 827 kmz
Truskmore I RTE1 280 960 kmz
Mount Leinster I RTE2 230 865 kmz
Cairn Hill 40   800   kmz
Kippure Dublin & East E H 62 59 160 kW (VHF) /500 kw (UHF) 1-Dec-1961 VHF/UHF
Truskmore Sligo, Mayo and Donegal i G 60 63 280 kW (VHF) /500 kw (UHF) 1-Feb-1962 VHF/UHF
Maghera Galway and Clare E H 66 68 200 kW (Band III) /500 kw (UHF) 10-Sep-1963 VHF/UHF
Mullaghanish Cork and Kerry D G 27 31 220 kW (VHF) /500 kw (UHF) 12-Sep-1963 VHF/UHF
Mount Leinster Southeast F i 26 23 230 kW (VHF) /500 kw (UHF) 12-June-1963 VHF/UHF
Cairn Hill Midlands 40 43 46 50 800 kw 1-Mar-1978 UHF
Three Rock Dublin City & County 29 33 35 55 25 kW 1-Aug-1978 UHF
Clermont Carn Louth 52 56 66 68 300 kw 1981 UHF
Holywell Hill Derry and Donegal 23 26 29 33 20 kw 1981 UHF
Spur Hill Cork City 53 57 60 63 10 kw 1996 UHF

Maghera VHF/UHF TV/FM transmitter

Area covered: Co. Galway, Co. Clare, parts of Co. Limerick

Area covered: Co. Galway, Co. Clare, parts of Co. Limerick

Site: Maghera Mountain, Co. Clare

VHF Aerial Band III

UHF Aerial Group C/D (Green)

RTÉ One: E; RTÉ Two H; TV3 66; TG4 68

Polarisation: VHF- Vertical UHF - Horizontal

Nominal Max ERP Vision: 280 kW (VHF) 500 kW (UHF)

Site Height: 1312 ft A.S.L.

Mast Height: 400 ft

Short historie | CH:B | Freq. 53.7578 | 100 kW

Maghera was the home of Ireland's last remaining Band I transmitter. RTE One was carried on Channel B since Maghera opened in 1963 until 1999. Unfortunately Band I is notoriously prone to co-channel interference and viewers in the west of Ireland were regularly treated to Spain's TVE 2 from the Santiago channel E2 transmitter during the summer months. RTE One is now on channel E. RTÉ Two is on channel H in Band III so Maghera viewers had to get a second aerial when the second channel opened in 1978. Maghera viewers then had to get a UHF aerial to watch TG4 on channel 68 when it opened last year! TV3 is on channel 66. 

There was a certain amount of controversy when it was announced that TnaG (now TG4) would be carried on UHF from Maghera. Many viewers felt that the spare channel B frequency should have been allocated to TG4, thus saving Maghera viewers the extra cost of installing new UHF aerials for TnaG. Many felt that it was ironic that Anglophone Dublin viewers didn't have to make much effort to watch TnaG whereas the west, where most of TnaG's potential audience live, would have to pay up to £70 per household to watch the new channel. 

Maghera Channel B must have the most stamps on its passport of any Irish TV transmitter. Reception has been reported as far away as Finland during the 1996 Sporadic-E season, though I suspect it well have travelled further than that. Perhaps you know! Let me know.